‘If You Give a Mao a Cookie’ – The Sequel

You didn’t really expect Governor Mao to rescind, repeal, or substantively revise his Stay Home order at Friday’s presser, did you?

I mean, hey. Following one of the sorriest presidential runs ever fumbled, Jay Inslee has to do something to keep his mug in the news, right? Besides. Why “allow” Washingtonians to resume normal activities. Normal lives. Normal business practices? Not when we’re having so much fun with threats, fear-mongering, and government tyranny dressed up as “safety.”

Scott Olson/Getty Images

I reluctantly complied with Governor Mao’s initial Stay Home, Stay Healthy order as long as it was limited, temporary, and based in reality.


All are now subject to question. In fact, now that The Man Who Would Be King is wandering around La La Land, all of those caveats are out the window.

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