‘Media Equality Project’ Fights Fire With Fire, Targets Maddow

My Dad served as a park ranger with the National Park Service for several years. His duties included fire-fighting. So I have a decent grasp of the science of backfires: How, When, Where, and Why.

In a nutshell: backfires work. It’s called “fighting fire with fire.”


Since January 20, Leftistas and their willing lackeys in the mainstream media have been flaming anyone or anything not on board with their agenda. They’ve jettisoned any pretense at objectivity when it comes to reportage on Republicans, conservatives, or – gasp! – President Trump.

For too long, about the only thing conservatives could do in the face of such rabid hostility and rank dishonesty was wring our hands. Or yell at the TV.

Not anymore.

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10+ Things Donald Trump Can Do To Get Back on the Rails

It’s been a rough road for the Trump White House.  After an eight-year hiatus, Democrat Central – aka: the mainstream “media” – has awakened from its self-induced coma and re-discovered reportage. Or at least what passes for their blatantly biased version of same.

My new favorite commentator, Tucker Carlson, pointed this out on Friday night:

“About the only people who deny widespread media bias these days are the people who are directly benefiting from it. And that would include progressive activists posing as reporters, and the Democratic politicians whose water they carry.”

Tucker noted a recent Harvard University study that found that 80 percent of the media’s coverage of President Trump’s first 100 days was negative.


Newsflash to Donald and the Trump administration: The mainstream media and its willing Leftista lackeys in Hollywood, academia, and the DNC will never be your friends. So stop trying. So press forward, doing what you were elected to do. Here are ten suggestions toward that end:

1) Go Reagan. Beating up on The Ronaldus was the lamestream media’s favorite indoor sport. President Reagan largely ignored their petty and puerile attacks, frequently deploying humor to blunt the almost daily media hostility to his agenda. It was brilliant. It was effective. It drove the media nuts. What’s more fun than that?

2) Appoint an irreproachable FBI director. And for heaven’s sake, don’t flub the roll-out!

3) Re-build America’s relationship with Israel. After eight disastrous years of gross ineptitude disguised as “strategic patience” (whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks that means) in the Middle East, it’s time to rebuild America’s relationship with our best friend and only democratic country in the region: Israel. It may also be a good idea to start acting like a friend and ally instead of a waffling, narcissistic idiot.

4) If your name is Melania or Ivanka or you’re any other female associated with the Trump administration, refuse to wear a head scarf when visiting the Middle East. There’s no need to be rude. But there’s no need to act or look like an acquiescent toady, either. You’re an American. You bow to no one.

5) No more Apology Tours. See #3 and #4, above.

6) Stick to your guns. Voters didn’t send you to the Oval Office to go chameleon and become part of the D.C. Cartel. They expect you to deliver on campaign promises such as repealing Obamacare, rebuilding our military after eight years of cannibalizing same to support endless social spending, securing our southern border, and defeating ISIS, appointing originalists to federal benches, and restoring religious freedom and First Amendment protections ripped away by the Obama regime.

7) Engage gray matter before you tweet. You’re not a candidate or a private citizen anymore. Kudos to using Twitter to directly engage the American people and leave the lamestream media eating your dust. But attempting to announce public policy in 140 characters probably isn’t a stroke of genius.

8) Act presidential. Stay above petty partisan bickering whenever possible. Directly responding to the latest drivel or toxic waste spewed from Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or Elizabeth Fauxahontas Warren only emboldens them and beefs up their street cred. So why go there? Let your communications team skewer them instead.

9) Appoint Rep. Maxine The Mouth Waters to a post where she’ll fit right in. Like Special Envoy to Havana. Or La La Land.

10) Don’t go spineless like the Washington State Republican Party’s Executive Board. On Friday night the political cowards on that body rejected a resolution to support I-1552. While WSRP is a mess in many respects, that mess has devolved into Laughable Looneyville under Susan Hutchison. Lines of distinction between WSRP-style “Republicans” and DemoLibs have become so blurred so often on Hutchison’s watch as to become 50 Shades of Purple. The WSRP E-Board’s refusal to support protection/privacy rights for women and girls in this state is the latest case in point. Disgraceful. (Update – 4:24 p.m.: It appears that the State Committee has passed an amended resolution. Duh.)

In short, Mr. President: If you want to get back on the rails, take a page out of the Reagan playbook. Don’t let up on Democrat Central. But don’t let them sidetrack you, either. As National Review’s Tim Graham noted in 2004 on the occasion of Ronald Reagan’s passing, “Reagan won over many adversaries by his magnanimity under rhetorical assault.”

Newt Gingrich takes this a step further in his incisive May 18 essay, Surrender or Fight – Our Country is at Stake. Recalling Trump’s prior characterizations of the media, Gingrich concludes:

When your opponents are “among the most dishonest human beings on earth,” “do a tremendous disservice service to the country,” and are “part of the problem,” then you need a strategy and system that is built around that analysis.

The next few months will see one of the greatest decisions in American history. Do we fight to make America great again, or do we surrender to those who claim the elitist power to dictate to the rest of us?

There is no middle ground.

Donald and WSRP: are you listening?

Trey Gowdy Takes Media Apart on Benghazi

Congressman  Trey Gowdy (R-SC) obliterates the DemoLib line that the House Select Committee on Benghazi is little more than a partisan dog and pony show rehashing a done deal.   The former prosecutor from South Carolina raises more questions  in three minutes than the lamestream media have in 20 months.  He also gives them a schooling in how to pursue and investigate an issue by asking:

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